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A warm smile is our

universal language of Kindness

Our Smile is what makes us IRRESISTIBLE

An unexplainable joyful feeling comes from seeing our seniors smile and being genuinely happy; you can almost feel their happiness all over you. Our trademark and philosophy lie in the belief that A smile cures many illnesses. Utilizing the various activities they participate in and the love they receive from the staff and other residents, it is almost impossible for any of our residents not to have a smile ALWAYS.

Where To Begin

Deciding whether or not it is time for Senior living is usually an important responsibility.

We are happy to assist and guide you or your loved ones.

Here are few SIGNS to consider when getting started:

Tailored Services For You

Our several services are specially designed to make you comfortable, while living your best life.

Top Personal Care

We provide complete personal care for our residents. This includes assisting seniors with their personal hygiene routines.

We constantly review these personal care plans to adjust to our residents' needs.

Our team also provides several other personal grooming services to our residents.

Certified On-Site Staff

On the top of our List at Enchantment Assisted Living are our residents' health and emotional well-being.

Our Certified On-Site Staff are always ready to help seniors with any health-related issue and assist with their medications.

Health- Care Surveillance

With regular tests and checkups, Enchantment Assisted Living ensures that all our residents are in good shape at all times.

Seniors have access to basics health routines which include checking up on our residents' vitals.

We also constantly monitor slight changes in any of our residents' health.

Unique Nutritional Experience

A good meal goes a long way!

We provide homemade meals based on our residents' preferences and nutritional needs.

There are always exciting menus you can try. We also provide special meals for our residents on their specials days.

Regularly, our meals are modified based on our residents' nutritional needs and feedback from the community.


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