Each new day at Enchantment is always a new source of inspiration. Our residents can dream of better and good days.

Our array of activities help boost our resident's morale while also lifting their souls and spirit. Each moment at Enchantment guarantees renewed physical, emotional, and mental strength.

We strive to keep our residents connected with the outside world while facilitating seamless communication with their families.

There are no limits to what you can be or achieve at Enchantment; you only need to dream it.


Quality & Exceptional Care

Our residents are treated with utmost care. Enchantment Assisted Living is specifically known for providing exceptional care for residents. Each resident, irrespective, is treated with respect. We hold our values so dear, and we would never breach the trust and faith placed in us.

A Home Away from Home

Our residents do not have to worry about being away from home, as we bring the in-house experience to them. They are part of our family, and we treat them as such. Our community is essentially a second home for our residents, and upon arrival, we help them settle down and make them feel comfortable at home.

Diverse Activities & Schedules

Our residents have the choice of engaging in several activities around the community. They could engage in a hobby of their choice or try out something new with other residents. Our activities aim at improving the all-around wellness of each resident. The mind and soul become lifted when you do what makes you happy.

Facilitated Communication with Loved Ones

We know how important it is for our residents to stay in touch with their loved ones, so we have put in place facilities that ensure our residents can communicate with their loved ones, see what they are doing at the moment.

We are also facilitating family visitations with the Covid-19 measures in place.

Smooth Move-in Experience

We are constantly working together to ensure that our residents have a hitch-free move-in experience. Often, we provide transportation for them and their luggage. Also, we make sure they settle in well and real quick; our receptive and always smiling workers make this happen.

Personalized Dining Experience

At Enchantment Assisted Living, our residents' nutrition is of importance. Our seasoned chefs prepare homemade meals that suit every resident's nutritional needs and personal preference.

We make our mealtimes a lifetime experience.


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